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Calgary Stampede

Onboarding and training several thousand seasonal workers in a few short days

Calgary Transit

Providing eLearning to help mechanics learn their entire fleet of vehicles

IHS Markit

Converting a 3-day course into a self-paced and accessible online learning experience

Centennial College

Creating time savings so instructors can spend more time engaging with students


Blue Monday

Try this 2-minute breathing exercise to beat Blue Monday.

Augmented Realitiy

Mobility Series BONUS BLOG: Augmented Reality Application in Transportation Settings

New Realities

Mobility Series: The Rising Trend of New Realities in Public Transportation

blended learning

Learning Programs

Mobility Series: 6 Considerations for Shifting to Blended Learning

Rail Worker

Transit Academies

Mobility Series: 3 Prerequisites for Producing a Blended Learning Academy

Public Transportation

Mobility Series: Enabling Workforces with Blended Learning

Importance of Mental Health

Mental Health Measures for Growing a Collaborative Work Environment

20-Year Milestone

Xpan Dusted Off Its Boots To Celebrate 20-Year Anniversary In Stampede Style 

Virtual Classroom

VILT Series: 5 Strategies for Engaging Online Learners with Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Interactive Course

STAAT Launches Free eAwareness Module: The Indian Act and Residential Schools

Outcomes and Objectives

VILT Series: Achieving TPACK Through the Three Pillars of KX

Digital Toolkits

VILT Series: Weighing the Benefits and Challenges of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Training and Development

Keeping Pace with Learning: Updating Your Training and Development

Industry Recognition

Xpan And Industry Leader, Hatch, Collaborate To Win Gold Awards For Training And eLearning  

Industry Recognition

Xpan Collaborates With Community Partner, Momentum, To Win Gold Award

The Empathic Teacher

Addressing Complex Learning and Development Needs

Learning Culture

Knowledge Experience Series: 6 Ways KX Addresses Learning Challenges

Learning Programs

Knowledge Experience Series: How the 3 Pillars Fulfill Experiential Outcomes

Employee Satisfaction

Knowledge Experience Series: How KX Creates Learning Cultures

Educational Technology

Accessible Digital Knowledge Solutions: How eLearning Cultivates Leadership Development

People-Centric Culture

Empathy And Conversation: Strategies To Managing Productivity In A Pandemic

Mental Health

How We Talk Mental Health: 4 Steps For Creating Safe Workspaces

Content Architecture

Why the Choice of Course Architecture Matters in eLearning Projects

Industry 4.0

Digital Transformation: The Next Big Revolution Is Already Here