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Glencore Tailings Manager Academy Graphic

Glencore Tailings Manager Academy

Case Study in Capturing Global Knowledge.

York University RISC Department

Virtual Reality simulations empowering people to learn in a safe environment.

Engineers Canada

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity training for Engineering and Geoscientists.

Calgary Stampede

Onboarding and training several thousand seasonal workers in a few short days.

Calgary Transit Case Study

Calgary Transit

Providing significant ROI with a blended learning solution and LMS.

IHS Markit

Converting a 3-day course into a self-paced and accessible online learning experience.

Centennial College

Creating time savings so instructors can spend more time engaging with students.


Upskilling and reskilling your workforce with evolving and specialized skills prepares your organization for the future.

Adapt your learning strategy for remote work environments.

Evolve your workforce training development with XR technology!

Improve onboarding, performance, retention and engagement.


Learn how to elevate your learning experience. 

University Of Lethbridge Silver Awards

Xpan and University Of Lethbridge

Recognized for media of Understanding and Responding to Sexual Violence

Upskilling and Reskilling transform your workforce

How does Upskilling and Reskilling transform your workforce?

Let’s examine how upskilling and reskilling transitions your workforce to the jobs of tomorrow.

Hatch Silver Awards

Xpan and Hatch

Recognized for Creative Excellence in Mental Wellness Learning Solution


eLearning: The Future of Work Safety

Let’s look into how eLearning supports occupational health and safety (OHS) training in new workplace models.

Jason Hansen, Ella Bucin and Lucas all visit Xpan Interative.

Xpan Family Spotlight

To celebrate Family Day, read the father-daughter story of Jason Hansen and Ella Bucin

New workplace team collaborating on policies and procedures.

The Future of Work is Here: Reimagined Policies for the New Workplace

Let’s explore the future-forward policies and procedures for the new workplace models.

Life In The New Workplace image of virtual meeting.

Life in The New Workplace

Let’s examine what communication looks like in The New Workplace.

Glencore and Xpan Brandon Hall Group Silver Award Of Excellence

Xpan and Glencore

Tailings Manager Academy recognized with award for excellence by Brandon Hall Group

CWB Financial Group and Xpan win Gold Award of Excellence at Brandon Hall Awards

Xpan and CWB Financial Group

Recruiting Teal Talent program recognized with award for excellence by Brandon Hall Group

Woman utilizing Extended Reality (XR) environment goggles to view world.

How to Thrive in an Extended Reality (XR) World

Adopting XR into your organization? Learn the four easy steps to help you thrive in an XR world and benefit from these innovations.

Hatch and Xpan Bronze Winner ay Brandon Hall Awards

Xpan and Hatch

Recognized for excellence in Custom Content creation by Brandon Hall Group Awards

Calgary City Landscape

Xpan Interactive Shifts its Headquarters

Amongst Calgary’s Thriving Tech Sector

Healthcare professionals view heart surgery in Extended Reality (XR).

Prepare Your Team for the Reality of XR

Importance of XR’s impact on your team training.

Woman utilizing Extended Reality (XR) environment goggles

Evolving Your Workforce Training with Extended Reality (XR)

Understanding XR’s impact on workforce learning, safety and training.

Worker with arms crossed in front of two UTA trains

Utah Transit Authority Selects Xpan Interactive

Xpan Drives Workforce Development via Rail Apprenticeship Training Programs

Horizon Gold Winner graphic

Industry Recognition

Xpan and industry partner, Hatch, announced their recognitions from the Muse and Horizon awards 

illustration of hands assembling a web page

Meet Website Accessibility Standards with 4 Principles of Accessible Content

4 principles of accessible content to meet web accessibility standards for World Wide Web Consortium and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Two people smiling and conversing using sign language

Designing Accessible Training and Development Programs

Training and development programs for inclusive learning environments


The Importance of Accessible Design for Removing Learning Frustrations

Keep accessible design in mind.

Illustration of people with disabilities using educational technology

Design Considerations for Accessible Digital Learning Content

The importance of designing with accessibility in mind.

Xpan Family Focus

To celebrate Family Day, read this feature on Brett Hendricks and Rick Dang

Who doesn’t love love?

To celebrate valentine’s day, read this feature on Brett Hendricks and Rick Dang

Blue Monday

Try this 2-minute breathing exercise to beat Blue Monday.

Augmented Realitiy

Mobility Series BONUS BLOG: Augmented Reality Application in Transportation Settings