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Calgary Stampede

Onboarding and training several thousand seasonal workers in a few short days

Calgary Transit

Providing significant ROI with a blended learning solution and LMS.

IHS Markit

Converting a 3-day course into a self-paced and accessible online learning experience

Centennial College

Creating time savings so instructors can spend more time engaging with students


Evolve your workforce training development with XR technology!

The benefits of designing with accessibility in mind.

Improve onboarding, performance, retention and engagement.


Learn how to elevate your learning experience. 


Holistic Approach

The Key to Learning is Creating Experiences, Not Courses

Workplace Knowledge

Want To Improve Performance? First You Need Psychological Engagement

Return On Investment

The ROI of Digital Knowledge

Training Needs Assessment

Evaluation Training: The Assessment and Planning Part of eLearning

Long-Term Solutions

Our Training Needs Assessments Go Beyond the Band-Aid

All About the Learners

The Importance of User Experience in eLearning

Strengthen Your Team

5 Ways eLearning Can Reduce Training Costs

Increase Engagement

eLearning For Enhanced Customer Service

Exceeding Expectations

Project Management Bliss: How to Keep Your Project on the Rails

Standardized Training

6 Reasons Workplace Safety Starts with eLearning

Recruitment and Retention

3 Reasons to Use eLearning for Healthcare Recruitment and Retention