Xpan and Hatch recognized for Creative Excellence in Mental Wellness Learning Solution

Hatch Silver Awards

Hatch and Xpan Interactive Ltd. were recognized with Silver awards in the 2022 Horizon Interactive Awards and 2023 MUSE Creative and Design Awards competitions for excellence in the Website – Training/E-learning category. The winning entry is titled Mental Wellness and Resiliency at Hatch and is listed on both Horizon and Muse’s award pages.

Mental Wellness and Resiliency at Hatch

Hatch is committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change, as illustrated by their organizational mission to achieve no harm. Navigating through the challenges presented by COVID-19, Hatch and Xpan prioritized creating a learning solution to support the wellbeing of Hatch employees, visitors, and contractors. The Mental Wellness and Resiliency (MWR) course was designed in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic to provide learners with strategies and practices they can engage in to strengthen their mental resilience for improved mental wellness. 

The MWR course presents theoretical and practical approaches to mental wellness and resiliency that equip learners with tools to care for their wellbeing. The theoretical approach explains the mental health continuum and identifies the signs and symptoms of common mental health disorders and the barriers that stop us from seeking help. The course also provides information on where to find support within Hatch and the learner’s community. The practical approach focuses on wellness activities such as mindfulness exercises, awareness techniques, and self-reflection opportunities in application scenarios. The visual approach includes unique illustrations within animated videos, accessible language formats, and vibrant displays of detailed learning takeaways. In addition to an engaging learner experience during the course, reference guides are available and create a sustainable learning approach for championing continuous improvement of wellness and resiliency skills for our learners.

“We continue to be grateful for our award-winning collaboration with Hatch and their forward thinking approach to the psychological safety of their people,” says Ron Thiele, President and Founder of Xpan. “The attitudes, skills, and behaviours presented in the MWR course are not only aligned with Hatch values, but are key life skills we are proud to champion within their global community.”

“Mental wellness and psychological safety are critically important for project team development within our organization,” says Dan Welshons, Global Director, Health & Safety at Hatch. “Xpan truly understands our vision for a people-centric safety culture. We’re proud to creatively share mental wellness best practices, and our learners are keen to apply them as we actively pursue our goal of achieving no harm.”

What are the Horizon Interactive and MUSE Creative and Design Awards?

Horizon Interactive Awards

The Horizon Interactive Awards is a prestigious international competition recognizing outstanding achievement among some of the top interactive media producers from all over the world. The 2022 Competition was its 21st year, and has a rich history of recognizing the “best of the best” websites, videos, mobile applications, and more.

An international panel of judges, consisting of industry professionals with diverse backgrounds, reviewed more than 650 global entries, including 27 out of 50 United States and 15 other countries including: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, Cyprus, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, Ireland, Portugal, Qatar, Turkey, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

MUSE Creative and Design Awards

Hatch Muse Silver Awards

The MUSE Awards are a series of competitions, which are open for participation to the world at large. These awards are hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), which promotes excellence in various creative and design industries by providing professionals a platform to compete against their peers.

Over 6,300 entries from across the globe submitted to the 2023 award competition were judged by an international panel of judges from 15 different countries, consisting of professionals affiliated with leading companies from the creative and design industries. The judges evaluated the entries on the creativity of the concept, the alignment of content to the objectives, visual design, innovation, and overall impact and memorability.

How can my team get a Mental Wellness course?

Our team at Xpan Interactive is happy to connect and share how our learning solutions will engage your organization to champion your team’s mental wellbeing. 

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