Xpan Interactive Shifts its Headquarters Amongst Calgary’s Thriving Tech Sector

Calgary City Landscape

Xpan Interactive Ltd. (Xpan) has moved into a new Calgary headquarters to accommodate its tremendous growth amongst a thriving Alberta tech sector. The new office is located in Hillhurst, just north of the downtown core.

“We’re incredibly grateful for a strong support system for Alberta’s tech sector,” said Ron Thiele, President and Founder of Xpan. “As a long time advocate for the Alberta digital media industry, it’s an honour to continue our investment into our local community.”

Alberta’s tech sector has seen significant growth of nearly $500 million funded to date in 2022 with Calgary leading the province with 96% of headquarters investments. Xpan’s shift from its Triwood area office to their new Campana Place headquarters in Hillhurst was made possible with the efforts of Avision Young’s Commercial Real Estate Calgary team.

“Calgary has been our home for over 20 years, allowing us to work with Alberta post secondary institutions, government and industry partners to foster innovation and growth in Alberta jobs,” explained Thiele.

Xpan operates as a hybrid organization with team members working virtually across North America with multiple office locations. Calgary maintains the majority of the Xpan workforce, with the total team count expecting to reach 100 by the end of 2022.

The Calgary office is also home to Xpan’s internship program for the growth of talent from local schools. In addition, team members from across the country were invited to Calgary HQ in July for a series of professional development events, collaborative activities and celebrations.

Each Xpan team member is committed to supporting its clients in the development of advanced digital knowledge solutions, such as award-winning learning experiences produced in collaborations with industry and community partners.

Calgary has supported our culture of belonging for over 20 years and we look forward to making it our home for many years to come,” said Thiele.

About Xpan Interactive Ltd.:

Since 2001, Xpan has worked tirelessly to build creative and innovative digital knowledge solutions to help its clients meet their most pressing business needs and performance objectives. It continues to expand on its global mission to evolve behaviour and facilitate change with engaging and effective digital knowledge solutions. The Xpan team makes heroes of learning and development professionals, and improves workspace experience (and lives) across the globe, with better learning.

New Office Address

Suite 201, 609 14th Street NW
Calgary, Alberta, T2N 2A1

Media Contacts: 

Xpan Interactive Ltd.
Ron Thiele, President
Desk: 403.208.3848 ext 101

We develop digital knowledge solutions. Our team makes heroes of learning and development professionals. We improve workspace experience (and lives) across the globe, with better learning.