The Future of Work is Here: Reimagined Policies for the New Workplace

Let’s explore the future-forward policies and procedures for the new workplace models.

New workplace team collaborating on policies and procedures.

The events of 2020 impacted the way we do work now and in the future, leading to some new workplace models. These models require us to re-imagine workplace policies and procedures.

Life in the new workplace involves an understanding of what communication will look like for all employees. This series will share how adapting workplace policies to The Future Of Work may prove to be a challenge, yet will also help companies thrive.

So what do these new policies and procedures look like in The New Workplace? Let’s explore them together.

Developing Asynchronous Workflow Procedures

In a survey conducted by Forbes, 72% of executives shared that their companies are embracing “permanent remote-working models” and 70% of employees chose “working from home” as their first objective when looking for a new job. As these new models of work take hold, companies must create inclusive strategies for all of their employees.

Communication policies, for example, should be based on asynchronous approaches to ensure all workers are informed and, more importantly, feel as though they are valuable to the company. Companies need to develop new “rules of engagement for emails, chats, video calls, documentation, and so on”. The challenge is these asynchronous strategies reflect and support the company’s values and culture.

Developing asynchronous communication and workflow strategies doesn’t assume that all employees will adopt a hybrid or remote model. Rather, these policies create equity by treating everyone as if they were working asynchronously. So nobody is left out of the information and communication loop.

New Human Resources Policies

The requirements of The New Workplace have a large impact on the Human Resources (HR) function of organizations. A few of the emerging challenges to address include:

Emerging Challenges in New Workplace infographic

These are just some of the emerging challenges facing HR and do not represent a complete review.

What’s Next?

As the Future Of Work leads to new work models, the workflow processes and human resources policies guiding your teams must follow. As a leader, your challenge is leading your organization through this change with transparency and integrity. This will support a seamless transition for your workforce into its future.

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