Calgary Transit:

On-the-Job Training

Calgary Transit is the first choice for getting around Calgary and connects Calgarians with people and places you care about by providing safe, accessible, reliable and courteous public transportation services.

The Challenge

Calgary Transit engaged Xpan to develop a series of successful Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) Maintenance eLearning courses in 2005. Based on increased ridership, new vehicles, an aging workforce, and new technology, Calgary Transit’s eLearning materials required significant updating. The desired outcome was to highlight the new features and technologies on the existing fleet, and provide full spectrum maintenance training on the new fleet. With more than 8 million passengers per year, it was vital that all mechanics were comfortable with servicing all aspects of the entire fleet of LRVs.

The Solution

We began by identifying new features and technologies for the existing fleet, and differentiating them from the features, components, and technologies in the new fleet of LRVs. We updated the existing content and created new modules and sections that were consistent with the existing course look, feel, and functionality. Using technical manuals, schematics and documentation, we skillfully crafted a level of training applicable to the course audience. We used elements of blended learning to ensure learning proficiency by adding On-the-Job Training tasks for major vehicle systems.

The Outcome

Our updates to the Calgary Transit Light Rail Vehicle Maintenance course were completed ahead of schedule and at the highest level of technical detail. The mechanics enjoy using our eLearning courses to learn the skills they need to perform their jobs at a high level of precision. Our training helps the mechanics keep 160 LRVs in top shape and safely transporting Calgarians. Calgary Transit loved our ability to differentiate at the smallest level of technical detail and learn their entire fleet of vehicles from front to back.

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