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Since 2001, we have been developing immersive, interactive, and cost-effective digital knowledge experiences. Established as a collective of empowered and passionate digital and learning professionals, our team acts as a collaborative partner in helping clients, staff, and communities reach their highest goals and aspirations. We create fulfilled learning across a multitude of digital platforms for large organizations around the world.


We advocate for the end learner and solve client challenges with digital knowledge solutions

Playfulness comes across in everything we do because our technical experts have more than the ability and mindset to get things done: we also love taking the time to get things done just right.


Engage. Educate. Empower.


Custom learning solutions to bring organizational culture and goals to life


Discover the heartbeat of Xpan through our CREDO — a compass that guides us in every endeavor. Rooted in Humility, Respect, Dreaming Big, Keeping It Real, and Loving What We Do, these core values shape our culture, define our actions, and drive us towards excellence.

We’ve Got Your Back
We lead with Humility and Respect—both internally and externally. We will move mountains for each other and our partners.

We Dream Big
An Xpaner is constantly learning and innovating. We play with curiosity every day and flex our creativity in solving challenges, both for our partners and ourselves.

We Keep It Real
Conscious integrity is at the core of everything we do. Authenticity is our guiding light and open and honest communication is crucial to our success.

We Love What We Do
We like to excel and we work hard to remove barriers to our success. Work is serious business, but not at the cost of fun and the human. A laugh and a giggle are always on the table and always encouraged.




Ron Thiele
The founder of Xpan, Ron loves to face the day knowing that our team is creating change for organizations and global learners. What matters most to him is creating a safe environment for his team, establishing the boundaries so we can innovate, and providing us with the support we need when life happens.

His philosophy is simple: learning is a solution and not a product. His empathic approach is a critical Northstar for guiding and steering the Xpan ship, aligning our cultural values, and addressing the needs of our trusted clients and partners.
René Thiele
René builds leaders and process, and thrives on enabling a strong workplace culture. "Momma bear" places the right people with the right job and creates operational efficiency for the entire organization, with an empathic eye on the end learner.

She hires based on values, not only skills and experience, to allow our teams of learning professionals to be present and mindful when producing stellar digital knowledge solutions. Quick with a hug, René is Xpan’s maker of moments, planning events for the entire Xpan family.
Paul Brophy
Paul joins Xpan with over 25 years of documented success driving profitability in rapid growth environments. Paul’s role at Xpan is aligning purpose, values, vision and mission to deliver a sustainable high-performance culture producing superior operational and financial results. Paul’s ability to leverage his past leadership experiences in strategy development and business transformation will help build a solid foundation for Xpan’s future. Known for his energy, passion, creativity and winning approach toward organizational change Paul likes to build relationships and trust to nurture team cohesion.
Matt Haley
Sporting a decade of digital knowledge consulting, Matt has been a fixture of our family for more than three years now. His background in communications made the learning world a natural fit and he loves working with Xpan's curious minds and brilliant artists to ensure our clients look like rockstars.

You'll usually find Matt sharing stories of how our digital knowledge solutions deliver ROI across organizations and communities alike for our partners around the globe. Some might say he does it to showcase the effectiveness of KX. But, we know he secretly loves it for the chance to slip in a patented and perfectly-timed one-liner.
Amanda LeBlanc
It is one thing to be on top of cost, time, and budget. However, anticipating potential scope-related challenges in a dynamic, fast pace industry is something else. Amanda loves challenges and excels with complicated projects. She works with you from beginning to end and looks for the human element, bridges connections, and maintains your relationship as a whole.

She trusts our creative team, and knows that our transparent and collaborative communication will tie your entire learning experience together.
Jason Hansen
The brains behind our software division, Jason is responsible for building and maintaining your software platforms. He has his fingerprints on a wide spectrum from business analysis to project scoping and planning, managing the developers, and so much more: you name it and Jason is most likely somehow involved.

Jason loves working with various size of companies: big and small. Show him the challenge you are facing with your learning programs, and together with our team, Jason will provide the software you need.
Aditya Joshi
Aditya is a big fan of work cultures that embrace continuous learning. Since joining the team more than a year ago, he is always adamant about learning client culture so we can engage your learners. He has an uncanny knack for finding just the right fit for a variety of modalities, including podcasts, discussions, reflections, activities, and so much more.

His eye is always open to collaborating on new and different trends in instructional design, and honing our holistic approaches to collaboration.
Brett Hendricks
Considered employee #001, some might say that Brett, here since the inception of a vision from 20 years ago, was born in the Xpan matrix. He loves being the fixer and getting his DNA on your creative and analytical work.

Loyalty to the work and loyalty to the team is what made Brett want to be part of this company two decades ago—not to mention collaborating with clients who let him work out of the box.
Gad Gijon
An Xpaner for more than a year, and by nature, a very visual and colourful person, Gad loves watching client expressions when their dreams come to life. A balanced day to him includes communication, collaboration, and creativity—with a side measure of getting the right assets in the right hands at the right time.

He embraces the fact that we are creating and developing new courseware for the next workforce, the next student, and the next leader.
Natasha Roberts
Introducing Natasha, our vibrant Marketing Manager with a Masters in Curriculum Design. Beyond her marketing prowess, Natasha is a community enthusiast and global traveler, having explored 41 countries. Fueled by a lifelong calling, she thrives at the intersection of learning and marketing. With unique expertise and diverse experiences, Natasha brings a dynamic blend of passion to our team.
Birte Kuhn
Birte joined the Xpan team more than a year ago and loves our approach to team well-being. She tells everyone that our people-centric culture makes for a dynamic, agile, and really fun place to work.

What she values most is understanding your culture and building relationships for long-term learning partnerships. Birte finds the best solutions for your needs and looks forward to hearing about your big plans for the future.
Curtis Mulatz
As our resident catalyst for creativity, Curtis is the personification of curiosity. His day-to-day at Xpan provides an outlet for his inquisitive nature and passion for design. With over 14 years of experience challenging creative boundaries in digital knowledge solutions, he champions award winning learning design from a lens that leads the industry.

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