IHS Markit:

Understanding the Global Petrochemical Industry

IHS Markit is the leading source of information and insight in critical areas that shape today’s business landscape.

The Challenge

IHS Markit is the leading source of information and insight in critical areas that shape today’s business landscape. Several times a year, they run a three-day in-person course led by renowned industry expert Jeffrey S. Plotkin, MBA, Ph.D. Professionals across a variety of industries attend the three-day course and IHS wanted to convert it into an engaging and self-paced online learning experience to make it more easily accessible across the board.

Dr. Plotkin’s three-day course covers a wide breadth of the petrochemical industry. Its application covers people and roles in several industries and functions. Salespeople, IT professionals, chemists, engineers, lawmakers—all have reasons to attend the course and see application to their job functions.

Our challenge was to capture the expert knowledge Dr. Plotkin has developed over the years and to create a product that addressed the learning needs of a broad and varied audience.

The Solution

We increased the accessibility and availability of Dr. Plotkin’s course by capturing his knowledge and chunking it into several eLearning modules.

This allows learners to access the information from anywhere, on any device, and at their own pace.

Being able to pace their own learning allows learners to engage more critically with the subject matter—which was an important goal for Dr. Plotkin. Critical engagement allows professionals in different fields and functions understand how the petrochemical industry affects their own industry and market.

We brought the material to life by creating the character of Dr. Jeff, a digital alter ego for Dr. Plotkin, who provides additional insight and interesting stories to help learner apply and understand some of the more complex material. The nature of eLearning also allowed us to bring the chemistry to life through animations, creating a more compelling and engaging experience.

The Outcome

IHS Markit has begun releasing the self-guided petrochemical eLearning modules distilled from the three-day “Understanding the Global Petrochemical Industry” course delivered by Dr Jeff Plotkin. Learners can now deepen their understanding of petrochemical industry fundamentals and market drivers across the energy and chemical value chains. These eLearning modules should inspire professionals to get excited about their jobs and to critically engage and make decisions because they now understand what effect petrochemicals have on their own industry.

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