Project Management Bliss: How to Keep Your Project on the Rails

Modern Problems Require Diverse Solutions

We work in an increasingly diverse world where projects are carried out across multiple time zones by a mobile workforce of highly specialized professionals.

In this competitive business environment project management spells the difference between projects that sing and projects that fail to deliver as promised.

At Xpan, we use a highly efficient eLearning project management process honed through hundreds of projects we have delivered since we started in 2001.  

Meeting Needs, Exceeding Expectations

From the outset of an eLearning project, our goal is to lead a discussion that results in a high level agreement on deliverables and budget. The design of an eLearning Program takes into account the business objectives of the client, the needs of the learner, and the requirements of the technical infrastructure. We deliver a plan that meets all of these outcomes.

With expectations set and lines of communication open our project management process will set the tone for a successful delivery of an eLearning project.

Getting the Job Done

At Xpan we focus on our core strength of eLearning designed to maintain low overhead. This allows our project managers the freedom to do what they do best — execute successful eLearning projects.

Xpan utilizes a number of systems to measure all metrics of a project on a daily basis, from resource scheduling to milestones, to every cent allocated to a budget. Our project management philosophy and approach is not solely dependent on these tools, methodology or personnel. Effective project management skills and approaches can only be acquired through experience. The end result is a well planned project that accounts for risk and saves time and money in the long run, minimizing surprises and maximizing return on investment.

It’s About People

Xpan works with a highly specialized team of subject matter experts on all projects. Our collaborative approach ensures that deliverables are met with a minimum number of surprises.

Our distributed approach to talent development ensures that we work with the best curriculum developers, researchers, writers and content designers in the world. This approach cuts down on needless rework and endless, pointless meetings that don’t contribute to the end product.

Throughout the life of the project we ensure that lines of communication remain open and we monitor and control quality, time, budget and scope and provide detailed project reports and amendments as required.

When it comes to eLearning, Xpan excels at getting the job done. Our deep network of highly skilled professionals combined with years of experience in eLearning is what sets us apart from the competition.

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