The Importance of User Experience in eLearning

Strategic Moves

eLearning is a lot like football. It’s a full contact sport.

Studying the plays is easy. Running the plays with consistency and discipline is what wins games. People play best when provided the opportunity to know, feel and do the experience.

When it comes to eLearning, a well-designed User Experience (UX) is the difference between knowing the play and winning the game.

Full Contact Design

eLearning is complex and dynamic. Of course it starts with the learner. Add in the other layers — instructor, social technology, digital storytelling — and you’ve got a broad learning ecosystem.

Xpan’s full contact design improves learner outcomes by providing a seamless experience that not only looks good, but works flawlessly. We use the power of design to surround learners in knowledge using powerful technology and social interaction.

The end result is a better experience, improved knowledge retention and enhanced UX.

eLearning Works Everywhere

Xpan was born as a digital agency. We bring an impressive past experience and a team well versed in interactive design, marketing, and communications to play on every job. Our UX design manages change and human behaviour.

Your learners don’t just study. They take in every aspect of the course, not just the content itself. Your courses should ignite their natural curiosity in a fun and intuitive eLearning environment.

Improved Outcomes

At the end of the day, eLearning isn’t about the test. It’s about absorbing knowledge and improving outcomes like safety, efficiency and the bottom line.

We give learners a choice on how to engage with the course. For example, they can do self evaluations, review content, and spend as much or as little time as they’d like on engaging activities before the final quiz.

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