6 Reasons Workplace Safety Starts with eLearning

Workplace Safety

A safe work environment is a productive work environment.

But first class workplace safety takes hard work and commitment. Long gone are the days of the short, half day orientation. Absolute compliance requires ongoing effort from all levels of the organization.

Everyone knows the importance of workplace safety. Yet workplace safety training is often treated as an unwelcome distraction.

What’s the best way to ensure effective workplace training and retention of knowledge?

The facts are in, and eLearning outshines standalone classroom or onsite training for workplace health and safety training.

  1. eLearning enhances knowledge retention and transfer. Organizations and even entire industries are becoming more competitive. Businesses need to leverage their internal human capital to thrive. eLearning improves knowledge retention and transfer in workplace training to capture, share, apply, leverage and create knowledge to get new employees up to speed.
  2. eLearning reduces liability. Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees. Through regular testing eLearning quantifies that employees are properly trained in all necessary health and safety policies.
  3. eLearning improves on the traditional classroom. More often than not, workplace safety is perceived as “extra” work, something that takes away from the primary task at hand. But eLearning lets employees schedule their own classroom training times. So workplace safety comes across as a welcome addition.
  4. eLearning ensures standardized training. Employers can ensure that their employees receive the very best, standardized training courses. Computer aided courses are a vast improvement on “walkabouts” and “tailgate” training sessions, which often lack rigour.
  5. eLearning reduces redundancies. A good deal of workplace safety training happens across the organization, numerous time per year, often without the knowledge of those involved. It’s called “working in silos” and eLearning is especially well positioned to break down silos and reduce redundant workplace health and safety training.
  6. eLearning is efficient. The lifetime cost of eLearning is dramatically less than the traditional classroom. That’s because custom eLearning solutions can be reused ad infinitum. Even better, eLearning can be continuously improved by capturing internal best practices and deploying them across the entire organization, in real time. 

There’s no getting around workplace safety.

When it comes to training your employees, the higher your standards, the more efficient your organization. This is especially true when it comes to full contact businesses like oil and gas, mining and agriculture.

eLearning lets your organization offer the highest level of training at the lowest possible cost. It’s a triple home run of compliance, efficiency and cost savings.

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