How To Address eLearning Challenges: The Magic Of Knowledge Experience

Knowledge Experience (KX) strategist, Aditya Joshi, explains how Xpan crafts world-class digital knowledge solutions that solve complex training challenges.

Holistic Approaches To Collaboration

Aditya Joshi is a big fan of work cultures that embrace continuous learning. As the knowledge experience (KX) strategist for Xpan Interactive, Joshi quickly learned that the Xpan team encourages holistic approaches to collaboration. He says leadership empowers the team to dig deeper, ask specific questions, and speak to each other to develop ideas. Even more so, they do their best to understand where everyone is coming from, and find solutions they never knew they had—and provide an even better experience for their clients.

“We have a fun team here,” says Joshi and laughs. “It is very collaborative, and our family environment adds a layer of confidence in freely sharing our thoughts without worrying if the outcome will be successful or not.

“And that’s because for us, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and it comes together as a little bit of magic. At Xpan, we call that magic KX—the Knowledge Experience.”

The Magic Of Knowledge Experience

So, what exactly is knowledge experience, and why does it matter? It is more than what Xpan does or even how they do it—and more so about why they do it. Joshi explains that the magic of KX is in the culture experience. The Xpan team prides itself on meeting clients and getting to know what is important to them, their people, and their organization.

This way, they quickly get to the heart of organizational solutions and deliver exceptional experiences to address information overload and noise in eLearning. And, maybe even more importantly, provide learning experiences where the end-users walk away feeling that they learned something, and the time they spent was worthwhile.

“Aditya embodies the pillars of KX as a way to separate from other learning experiences and focus on brand culture and values,” says Ron Thiele, president and CEO of Xpan. “Our client principles, motivations, and what makes them tick, help us bake in those same values and principles into the digital knowledge solutions we create for them.”

Joshi agrees and says although KX might be the result of magic, empathy is one of the ingredients involved with alchemy.

Empathy As A Value

“Empathy, as a value, speaks to me most because it acts as a guiding force to remove barriers from how we communicate as a team,” Joshi relates. “It’s also part of our strategy for how we approach our clients and make sure we sit down and understand their challenges. By showing up with the best aspects of ourselves, we create and collaborate on different solutions that work for everybody.”

As an Instructional Designer (ID) by trade, Joshi personally knows that IDs are alchemists in their own right. Their ability to craft learning experiences, built on foundations of best principles for instructional design and user experience (UX), create timely, relevant, and meaningful solutions.

He states that the way we learn is changing and describes how the pillars of KX come together to create its unique form of alchemy. It goes much further than the original perception that all online learning looks and feels the same. Instead, he shines a light on KX as the solution to these perceptions. It takes the client eLearning to a magical place far beyond where it is right now.

Culture Experience

One of the pillars of KX is the user experience (UX). By understanding organizational culture, Joshi says that Xpan gets to know what clients value and the decisions they need to make on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. By knowing what is important to them, to their people and their organization, the Xpan agnostic learning solutions help everyone learn from where they are.

“We want to make sure that learning never stops. It could be on the train commute into school, from their desk, and even continues from their living room couch—on a tablet, laptop and phone.”

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