How To Create A Fulfilled Learner: Insights From A Multimedia Developer

Multimedia developer, Erin Thorburn-Watt, shares her insights on how to create a fulfilled learner with interactive and engaging content.

The Daily Life Of A Multimedia Developer

As a Multimedia Developer, Erin Thorburn-Watt comes to her trade quite naturally. Her career is second-nature to her because she grew up in the world of multimedia. Her dad is a video editor, and her mom is an Instructional Designer (ID), so Thorburn-Watt was raised in that environment—literally from birth. From an early age, she grew to love her industry’s nitty-gritty nature and loves to produce interactive and engaging content that makes people want to learn. 

“Working here is fun because we are a big, bold, and creative brand—from our team to our projects, and, of course, our clients,” says Thorburn-Watt with a grin. “Every single day here at Xpan is a new challenge and a new skill set because every single day is completely different.”

Making Decisions With Confidence

Thorburn-Watt shares that some of the biggest challenges for clients and customers is keeping workers safe in high-risk situations during their daily jobs. That’s why Xpan courses are meaningful representations of learning scenarios to keep learners fully engaged and lead to quick wins and positive results.

“Educational technology is changing the way we learn, and that’s why we create custom eLearning courses for a wide range of clients,” she states. “We do this by listening and focusing on what they want and collaborating on what will work for their audiences.

“This way, we can deliver virtual reality simulations for clients such as Women Building Futures so operators can make decisions with confidence. Or, one of my favourites, help the Greatest Show On Earth implement an agnostic solution for new hires in charge of bringing stellar experiences to its millions of visitors.”

Through The Learners’ Lens

Thorburn-Watt explains that creating engaging and interactive content starts with the client Subject Matter Experts (SME). She says that clients are always well-versed in their content, making collaboration easier to see through the learners’ lens. That way, SMEs and IDs can create customized eLearning courses with experiences that students or professionals need and want for their asynchronous learning.

“We always look to guide our customers from the very start to the very finish,” says Matt Haley, Vice President of Business Development for Xpan. “We aim to exceed expectations with self-paced learning solutions that are fun and interactive – not to mention, provide digital knowledge experiences that span across the generational differences of learners.”

Drive Creative Results

Thorburn-Watt explains that Xpaners are firm believers that a digital knowledge experience creates a fulfilled learner. They know that removing barriers to learning, and deploying knowledge to students or professionals, is critical for delivering the right opportunities to advance educational excellence and achieve business success. 

“Our goal is to drive creative results that make our clients shine, and through osmosis, teach our learners from where they are. We love seeing the novice become a professional or help the manager provide custom training to their employees. And, like me, our end users can approach their day with excitement and ready to learn something in a new and fun way.”

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