Knowledge Experience Series: 6 Ways KX Addresses Learning Challenges

Knowledge Experience (KX) is a digital knowledge solution that mitigates or eradicates challenges facing the development of learning solutions.

Distractions and Attention Spans

In today’s world of distractions and dwindling attention spans, empathy and storytelling are the glue that keeps a learner in the focus of knowledge experience (KX). When crafting a KX, where the learning tells a story, we create a compelling narrative that engages the learner, builds a successful digital learning solution, and grows a learning culture.

But, the question remains, just how exactly does KX address the number of challenges in the development of learning solutions?

In the final installment of our KX series, we examine and explore how KX mitigates or eradicates obstacles facing the development of learning solutions.

Time and Diversity

Time as a challenge:

Time is money. This has never been more true than today as competitive industries tighten budgets. Granting employees sufficient time to upgrade their knowledge and skills requires thinking beyond quarterly targets and forecasts. It is an investment that requires short-term sacrifice for longer-term benefit. 

This can be challenging for busy leaders and employees who often find that they barely have the time to fulfill the core requirements of their roles, let alone dedicate time to learning. Upgrading skills and knowledge often falls to the bottom of crowded to-do lists. However, 75 percent of employees would take a course a manager suggested. Leaders are the missing link. Leaders who embrace KX have a powerful way to engage and grow their team. Learning constitutes an investment of the employee’s and organization’s time—an investment that will benefit both parties.

Diversity as a challenge:

Diversity is strength. It provides a multiplicity of skills, perspectives, and ideas. It builds resilience in the organization. At the same time, it can also pose a challenge for learning. As a result, the old thinking of a one-size-fits-all solution building no longer applies—if it ever did. This diversity creates challenges in creating powerful learning for all learners. 

If the idea of diversity is a challenge, then KX is the map to change your way of thinking. The learning environment can include barriers to learning for a group with diverse languages, ages, abilities, and more. Thinking of the three pillars, you can begin to see how diversity can be used as a strength in design, with the pillars mapping the way. KX provides a framework that reduces barriers to learning and creates an environment where learners have what they need to flexibly meet their learning goals.

Isolation and Staying Motivated

Isolation as a challenge:

Isolation is a common concern for learners and leaders when asked about online or distance learning. It can be difficult for learners when they are alone and not in a classroom setting.

The challenge here is to create an inclusive environment without being physically together. The KX creates inclusivity through the learning and user experience. The culture experience brings together people at a certain level but a learning experience, such as virtual discussion boards, groups, breakouts, and webcam meetings, can create great connections. The user experience needs to be seamless to ensure learners can take part in these activities. When put all together, a solid KX creates connections and inclusivity across distance.

Staying motivated as a challenge:

Learners have several responsibilities that can distract from the learning at hand. Keeping learners engaged involves understanding their needs and using the right tools for better engagement. Tapping into a learner’s intrinsic motivation—where a learner is rewarded by the learning itself—can make a world of difference. People are often unmotivated because they are required to take courses in which they have no interest.

Creating experiences that get the learners involved, excited, and motivated leads to better learning transfer, knowledge retention, and engagement. KX encourages a learning experience that is both online and offline, threaded through the organization to create a learning culture.

Tech and User Expectations

Tech as a challenge:

Since 2017, 59 percent of talent developers have spent more of their budget on online learning and 39 percent say they spend less on instructor-led training. Humans are habituated to consuming information through digital media. In this increasingly networked world, people conduct their work through multiple devices. Users start reading content on one device, then swap to another, and continue to engage with the same content in a different environment. 

Knowledge Experience ensures that the learning solution is designed to work within a multi-device ecosystem to achieve consistency across tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and other mobile devices.

User expectations as a challenge:

As technology has evolved, users have become more accustomed to high-end user experiences. A Google survey found that 40 percent of people search only on a smartphone in an average day, 80 percent use a smartphone, and 57 percent use more than one type of device. Mobile learning is on the rise with a five percent increase year over year.

Users are keenly attuned to a seamless, high-quality user experience and have little tolerance for online experiences that are not intuitive, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. Workplace learners expect to be able to access learning experiences anywhere, at any time, and on multiple devices. 

User interfaces that are uncooperative, or don’t load well, break the user’s connection with the content being delivered, much like someone talking in a movie. As a result, in order to create engaging, effective KX, the content and delivery must meet these very high expectations.

Creating KX Solutions

At Xpan, our philosophy views learning as a solution and not a product. This philosophy is at the heart of KX. Since 2001, we have worked tirelessly to build creative and innovative digital knowledge solutions to help our clients meet their most pressing business needs and performance objectives. This includes creating KX solutions that feed an organization’s learning culture. 

Through our KX framework, we provide digital learning and development needs across the entire business and technology spectrum. We help clients in every industry leverage their organizational knowledge to build their workforce and capabilities from within. We take pride in helping our clients build their learning culture to attract, motivate, and retain top talent.

With Xpan’s comprehensive UX process, employees can tap into the KX effect by using any mobile or desktop device of their choice, accessible anywhere 24/7, and trackable through a Learning Management System (LMS). Xpan can help organizations leverage their current learning solutions and ideas to create a KX that increases engagement, retention, and performance.

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