We’ve Moved In, Literally!

After 10 years of working as a virtual organization, the Xpan family has moved into a new office space. Changing from a Matrix-like network of individuals to a collaborative and innovation-inducing hive, has been a fun, challenging, and an inspiring transition for Xpan.

When the world is moving towards a more nomadic and virtual workforce, why did we choose this opposite direction? The Xpan team is a passionate bunch and we saw the need to work in the same space to enhance innovation in our industry. Digital knowledge is advancing quickly, with the advent of machine learning, artificial intelligence, mixed reality and a growing number of learning platforms.

It is Xpan’s mission and paramount to our future to remain a leading agnostic digital knowledge service provider. Our goal is to disrupt the flow of mediocre digital information that humans are habitually consuming every day and turn it into an engaging learning model where we can change behavior for the better.

That is the world that we believe in and why we want to work together to change it.

Our roots and our culture began in an office. As a startup in 2001, Xpan was located in a small downtown Calgary office space, where some of our current team worked in what was called the ‘pit.’ Not glamorous, but definitely innovative.

We are now located at:

4004 19th Street NW
Calgary, Alberta, T2L 2B6

We are getting settled into our new space, with bright windows, designated parking spaces, spacious rooms and workplaces where ideas, creativity, and collaboration flow smoothly.

We may not have all of our furniture yet and there is plenty of open wall space for our budding artists to showcase their wares, but this will be a place where new memories will be made. Here are a few photos from the build-out to give you an idea of where we’ll be powering Xpan’s engines of creativity to support your digital knowledge solutions.

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Great Things to Come – Thanks to Our Great Partners!

The best part of growing is knowing we are trusted and depended upon to manage and deliver digital knowledge solutions to a stellar group of organizations. That’s always humbling, but a move like this puts remarkable events of our company’s history into a designated home.

We’re grateful for the continued trust and business.

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