What’s your eLearning budget?

Airplane cookie cutterOne of the things that we’ve learned after 12 years in business is that there is no cookie cutter budget for your eLearning project.

We’ve worked with clients who were pleased as punch with basic, text-based eLearning solutions. They needed something simple, and we handed it over.

We’ve also executed simulation-based, media-rich training environments for clients with intense training needs. They needed the full meal deal, and we delivered.

While every eLearning budget is different, there are at least two factors common to every budget.

1. Online learning continues to grow.

When we started Xpan 12 years ago eLearning wasn’t much of a thing. In all honesty, no one could have predicted how much the Internet would disrupt education.

But now, with the widespread use of massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other high-profile tools, eLearning is very much in the news. And for good reason.

eLearning works. For one thing, eLearning allows you to reach the learner where they already are: online. According to industry data from the eLearning Guild, 37% of people are consuming media online.

So, from a strictly media perspective, $37 out of every $100 spent on learning should be spent on eLearning.

2. eLearning provides massive return on investment

One of the things that venture capitalists like best about the internet is that it scales. From services like Twitter to retail sites like eBay, a good idea has the potential to change the world, all the while providing an outsized return on investment.

When it comes to eLearning, it helps to think like a venture capitalist. What you are really budgeting for is a massive return on investment. Your upfront cost will be marginal compared to the return your company will realize. The upfront cost of developing an online course is amortized over the lifespan of its use.

The return on investment is only a small part of the value of eLearning. In the end, it’s about results. If your eLearning project does not produce a shift in behavior or a transfer of knowledge, then your eLearning program has failed.

At Xpan we know the power of eLearning from over 12 years in the business. Whatever your budget, remember that with Xpan you own the final product. You can use it however you see fit, for as long as you like, to capture internal knowledge, enhance learning opportunities, and continue to succeed in business. Your eLearning budget isn’t something to take lightly. The good thing is, there are experts ready to help.

Maybe you have an eLearning budget, or maybe you don’t. Whatever your needs are, we are available to guide you in the right direction. Feel free to learn more about Xpan Interactive eLearning solutions and how we can help. Or contact us to speak to someone right away.

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