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As eLearning professionals, we'll guide you through the entire process from dynamic instructional design, vibrant multimedia and clear technical writing to seamlessly integrating your new eLearning tool into your organization with the right technology.

You'll not only benefit from our years of diverse industry experience, but shorter training time and reduced training costs. It's a step in the right direction to solve your training needs.

Instructional Design:

We treat instructional design like the blueprint for your eLearning project. Our experienced instructional designers create detailed outlines, wireframes and learning plans for your online learning project. Utilizing a precise methodology, we round up the details and organize them using the most logical training method.

Technical Writing:

The foundation of a strong eLearning project is clear, concise and audience-appropriate content. Our technical writers script the building blocks of your eLearning course to ensure your message is understood and fully absorbed. Our highly-skilled writers are passionate and skilled in writing about a wide variety of subjects.

Courseware Development:

This is the core of Xpan's services. Offering much more than eLearning, our team has experience developing attractive, functional and engaging interactive content for self-paced asynchronous and blended learning. From basic page-turning content to immersive interactive online learning, we have what it takes to deliver innovative, cost-effective and efficient eLearning solutions. Xpan's production team develops eLearning content across any platform using virtually any authoring tool for any LMS. Yes, we're that good.

Serious Games:

Xpan takes course development up a notch with serious games. Our focus is to use technology and game mechanics to bring ideas to life in engaging learning solutions. We develop serious games, simulations and virtual worlds with graphics that are able to stand up to other commercial computer games. Game play preserves engagement yet focuses players on important concerns, generating real learning and helping transform assumptions, skills, and behaviors.


Sometimes a picture or diagram isn't enough to convey the right message. Let us elevate your expectations with the latest technology in 3D animation and renderings. A 3D host or hostess, or an animated character adds a level of personalization that captures and maintains your learners' attention.


Our skilled voice artists, videographers, and video editors can take your project to the next level with professional, engaging audio and video to set the mood, explain a process, or illustrate a scenario. Our high definition audio and video provides an experience that immerses your learners in any concept.

Project Management:

Our project management team keeps your project on track and running smoothly. There's a lot happening during eLearning development, from communication to budgets and timelines, and we want to keep you up to speed on the success of your project. Our project managers focus on the eLearning business so you can focus on your business.

General Consulting:

If you want it, we'll make it happen. If you're not quite sure what you want, we can use our eLearning industry experience to help you decide or point you in the right direction. We offer a wide variety of scalable solutions to suit any of your eLearning needs or budgets. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and obtain more information.


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"We were impressed with Xpan's expertise that helped us elevate our training program to the next level. Their team of dedicated eLearning gurus transformed our content into a format which will satisfy our training vision for the foreseeable future."

Ken Ludwig – Director