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Our Training Needs Assessments Go Beyond the Band-Aid

We see many reasons that companies and organizations reach out to us for support – some of these reasons identify a problem, and others represent an opportunity. For example: Increased costs (training or operations) Decreased productivity Increased number of customer complaints Decreased sales or profit Organizational changes or growth New processes, procedures, software or equipment  Continue Reading »

Work-Life Balance Tops Our Reason For Virtual Office

While Xpan has been growing over the past few years, our mandate to maintain a virtual office remains the same. Crazy, don’t you think? Well, we don’t and here’s why. Reduced Costs The clearest reason we’ve chosen to work in a remote environment is the large amount of money we save on not having that  Continue Reading »

eLearning For Enhanced Customer Service

In this current era of constant communication and 24/7 access, customer expectations have never been higher and more demanding. Across industries and throughout sectors it is the front of office staff that has earned the power to make or break a customer experience through a simple smile and a friendly greeting. Outstanding customer service is  Continue Reading »

Project Management Bliss: How to Keep Your Project on the Rails

We work in an increasingly diverse world where projects are carried out across multiple time zones by a mobile workforce of highly specialized professionals. In this competitive business environment project management spells the difference between projects that sing and projects that fail to deliver as promised. At Xpan we use a highly efficient eLearning project  Continue Reading »

6 Reasons Workplace Safety Starts with eLearning

A safe work environment is a productive work environment. But first class workplace safety takes hard work and commitment. Long gone are the days of the short, half day orientation. Absolute compliance requires ongoing effort from all levels of the organization. Everyone knows the importance of workplace safety. Yet workplace safety training is often treated  Continue Reading »

3 Reasons to Use eLearning for Healthcare Recruitment and Retention

Healthcare is serious business. Life and death decisions are part of the job. Busy healthcare executives know the importance of recruiting and retaining the best staff possible. But healthcare recruitment and retention is easier said than done. The chronic shortage of qualified technicians, nurses, and doctors makes a difficult job even harder. Hiring and retaining  Continue Reading »

What’s your eLearning budget?

One of the things that we’ve learned after 12 years in business is that there is no cookie cutter budget for your eLearning project. We’ve worked with clients who were pleased as punch with basic, text-based eLearning solutions. They needed something simple, and we handed it over. We’ve also executed simulation-based, media-rich training environments for  Continue Reading »