6 Reasons Workplace Safety Starts with eLearning

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Workplace safety begins with eLearningA safe work environment is a productive work environment.

But first class workplace safety takes hard work and commitment. Long gone are the days of the short, half day orientation. Absolute compliance requires ongoing effort from all levels of the organization.

Everyone knows the importance of workplace safety. Yet workplace safety training is often treated as an unwelcome distraction.

What’s the best way to ensure effective workplace training and retention of knowledge?

The facts are in, and eLearning outshines standalone classroom or onsite training for workplace health and safety training.

1. eLearning enhances knowledge retention and transfer. Organizations and even entire industries are becoming more competitive. Businesses need to leverage their internal human capital to thrive. eLearning improves knowledge retention and transfer in workplace training to capture, share, apply, leverage and create knowledge to get new employees up to speed.

2. eLearning reduces liability. Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees. Through regular testing eLearning quantifies that employees are properly trained in all necessary health and safety policies.

3. eLearning improves on the traditional classroom. More often than not, workplace safety is perceived as “extra” work, something that takes away from the primary task at hand. But eLearning lets employees schedule their own classroom training times. So workplace safety comes across as a welcome addition.

4. eLearning ensures standardized training. Employers can ensure that their employees receive the very best, standardized training courses. Computer aided courses are a vast improvement on “walkabouts” and “tailgate” training sessions, which often lack rigour.

5. eLearning reduces redundancies. A good deal of workplace safety training happens across the organization, numerous time per year, often without the knowledge of those involved. It’s called “working in silos” and eLearning is especially well positioned to break down silos and reduce redundant workplace health and safety training.

6. eLearning is efficient. The lifetime cost of eLearning is dramatically less than the traditional classroom. That’s because custom eLearning solutions can be reused ad infinitum. Even better, eLearning can be continuously improved by capturing internal best practices and deploying them across the entire organization, in real time.

There’s no getting around workplace safety..

When it comes to training your employees, the higher your standards, the more efficient your organization. This is especially true when it comes to full contact businesses like oil and gas, mining and agriculture.

eLearning lets your organization offer the highest level of training at the lowest possible cost. It’s a triple home run of compliance, efficiency and cost savings.


Xpan Interactive has experience developing customized health and safety training for big and small organizations.  Feel free to learn more about Xpan Interactive eLearning solutions and how we can help. Or contact us to speak to someone right away.

New brand, new site, same focus on eLearning

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We’re the first to admit that this was a long time coming (and we’ve slapped our wrists a few times already). But hey, better late than never.

Of course we’re talking about our updated branding and website. It took a back-burner while we continued to work hard for our clients. Today, it’s new, it’s live and we hope you like it.

Xpan Interactive Logo

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 2.52.46 PM Our new branding
We love our new logo and the look of our branding. We really think it represents us well. It’s crisp, clean and doesn’t need much explaining. Like our eLearning projects, we like to keep things clear and efficient and we think this new brand direction is a perfect fit.

The new website
Our new website is also very clean and concise. We’ve tried to make it super simple for visitors to quickly find the information they’re looking for. Can’t find something you need? Give us a shout and we’ll take care of it right away.

Our blog is up to date! Check out our newest articles including “What’s your eLearning budget” and “How eLearning can be part of your recruitment plan.” The blog will be updated weekly with great articles about eLearning and how it can help your business. Subscribe to our Bulletin to get the headlines sent to your inbox.

Let’s be social!
Xpan is also sharing tons of great info via our social media. Follow and Like for first hand knowledge and information.

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What do you think of the new look?
We’d love to hear what you think about the new branding. Let us know in the comments below or send us an email. We won’t bite!

Xpan Team

Event: Better Messages for Sustainable Behavior

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xpanblog03In an effort to expand our role in sustainable organizational development, Xpan Interactive is proud to sponsor the 2013 Vermillion Event Series, starting with the talk “Better Messages for Sustainable Behavior: How to avoid pitfalls and promote success” taking place Tuesday March 12th at Mount Royal University.

Calgarians will be the first in Canada to see Vermillion Institute research, which has been presented as far abroad at London and Sydney.  The event will help answer questions about communicating sustainability within organizations and in the media with a compelling presentation, panel discussion and post-event networking session—all to help you garner insights into better practices that drive results.

About Vermillion
Vermillion is building stronger communities for today and tomorrow. They do this through constructive non-partisan initiatives designed to develop public literacy, community consensus, and workplace-relevant education—all to create a more sustainable economy.  They advance the vision that sustainability means caring for people, planet and prosperity (the three dimensions of sustainable development).

For more information about this event click here.

RSVP is required. RSVP at vermillioncalgary.org/events

Event details:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Lecture and Panel: 7pm – 8:30pm
Networking Reception: 8:30pm – 9pm

Mount Royal University
Lincoln Park Hall
(Main Bldg, 3rd floor)
4825 Mount Royal Gate SW


This event is free of charge. Seating is limited – RSVP required.

RSVP at vermillioncalgary.org/events

Vermillion’s distinctive seed designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vermillion Intellectual Property Corporation in numerous jurisdictions, and are used under license.

3 Reasons to Use eLearning for Healthcare Recruitment and Retention

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PillHealthcare is serious business. Life and death decisions are part of the job. Busy healthcare executives know the importance of recruiting and retaining the best staff possible.

But healthcare recruitment and retention is easier said than done. The chronic shortage of qualified technicians, nurses, and doctors makes a difficult job even harder. Hiring and retaining experienced, motivated healthcare workers is an all-consuming task, particularly when demand outstrips supply.

As a healthcare executive, what do you do when anyone can work anywhere?

One of the most common tactics is to focus on salaries, benefits and bonuses. And yet, money is only part of the picture. Healthcare recruitment and retention requires strategic focus. The best healthcare recruitment and retention plans are holistic and all-encompassing with a genuine focus on personal development and career growth.

eLearning can be part of any recruitment and retention plan. eLearning helps to bridge the gap between supply and demand by encouraging learner directed development to ensure your organization maintains a culture of positive growth. It encourages a culture of innovation and builds the kind of organization where people want to work.

  • eLearning supports personal development. A well-structured catalogue of eLearning courses gives your best employees control over their career. Course topics like how to better manage a meeting or what to do in case of a lockdown are excellent ways to empower your employees to manage their success.
  • eLearning encourages sharing. eLearning can be fully structured or totally self-directed. Because the course content is always available online, small teams often choose to challenge a course together. They share what they learn with others in the coffee room and around the water cooler. A culture of sharing leads to a culture of learning.
  • eLearning enhances innovation. Health care is changing rapidly. New ways of doing the job come out of nowhere. But how do you know which tool to choose? Since eLearning is often accomplished in private, it loosens the fear of failure. When your employees are free to fail, they are more likely to take calculated risks that lead to positive breakthroughs.

In healthcare, recruitment and retention is a matter of giving people want they want. Pay is only part of the picture. eLearning is an important part of a strategic approach to healthcare recruitment and retention, and contributes to an environment where people want to come to work every day.

Whatever your needs are, we have the experience and the expertise to contribute to your healthcare eLearning needs. Feel free to learn more about Xpan Interactive eLearning solutions and how we can help. Or contact us to speak to someone right away.

What’s your eLearning budget?

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Airplane cookie cutterOne of the things that we’ve learned after 12 years in business is that there is no cookie cutter budget for your eLearning project.

We’ve worked with clients who were pleased as punch with basic, text-based eLearning solutions. They needed something simple, and we handed it over.

We’ve also executed simulation-based, media-rich training environments for clients with intense training needs. They needed the full meal deal, and we delivered.

While every eLearning budget is different, there are at least two factors common to every budget.

1. Online learning continues to grow.

When we started Xpan 12 years ago eLearning wasn’t much of a thing. In all honesty, no one could have predicted how much the Internet would disrupt education.

But now, with the widespread use of massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other high-profile tools, eLearning is very much in the news. And for good reason.

eLearning works. For one thing, eLearning allows you to reach the learner where they already are: online. According to industry data from the eLearning Guild, 37% of people are consuming media online.

So, from a strictly media perspective, $37 out of every $100 spent on learning should be spent on eLearning.

2. eLearning provides massive return on investment

One of the things that venture capitalists like best about the internet is that it scales. From services like Twitter to retail sites like eBay, a good idea has the potential to change the world, all the while providing an outsized return on investment.

When it comes to eLearning, it helps to think like a venture capitalist. What you are really budgeting for is a massive return on investment. Your upfront cost will be marginal compared to the return your company will realize. The upfront cost of developing an online course is amortized over the lifespan of its use.

The return on investment is only a small part of the value of eLearning. In the end, it’s about results. If your eLearning project does not produce a shift in behavior or a transfer of knowledge, then your eLearning program has failed.

At Xpan we know the power of eLearning from over 12 years in the business. Whatever your budget, remember that with Xpan you own the final product. You can use it however you see fit, for as long as you like, to capture internal knowledge, enhance learning opportunities, and continue to succeed in business. Your eLearning budget isn’t something to take lightly. The good thing is, there are experts ready to help.

Maybe you have an eLearning budget, or maybe you don’t. Whatever your needs are, we are available to guide you in the right direction. Feel free to learn more about Xpan Interactive eLearning solutions and how we can help. Or contact us to speak to someone right away.